CELEBRATION: A good time had by all

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I was recently invited to Newbiggin Maritime Centre to commemorate the 70th year of the NHS.

All of the old people’s homes in Newbggin by the Sea were invited.

We were told about the NHS and afterwards were served a beautiful array of food, with tea or coffee presented in beautiful, old-fashioned cups.

We were entertained by Gillian Storey and a lady and a gentleman who played the guitar and sang.

After singing, we had bingo, then we were given cakes and a bag full of fruit to take away.

I must mention the service provided by four volunteers, three from the Newbiggin traders, who were dressed up for the celebration.

I must also give a special mention to Sheila Harrison, a councillor who runs the Maritime Centre. She is magnificent.

When there is an election to run, I would nominate her as chairman, she is so efficient.

Jack Lothian

Newbiggin by the Sea