Celebrations not reflected in town

THE fulsome celebrations for the Diamond jubilee shown on the front page (News Post Leader, June 7) were, sadly, not reflected by the goings on in Cramlington.

Our town council totally failed to mark the occasion.

There were no events organised, no beacon was lit and even the Union flag outside the council offices was upside down, which, as everybody knows, is a sign of distress; apt in the circumstances.

What is even worse, and is a measure of the efficiency and loyalty of those who control the town council, there is not even a picture of Her Majesty The Queen and her consort in the council office, though, on an earlier occasion, there was a picture of Chairman Mao, who only managed to be responsible for the deaths of at least 44 million people.

On May 2 next year the people of Cramlington will vote in the local elections for the town and county councils – when they can express their views and even the controlling Lib Dems will not be able to silence them.