CEMETERY: Dogs should be banned

I was visiting Cowpen cemetery one Saturday morning when I saw a lady walking two dogs. One of them defecated on a grave close to my relative’s grave.

I was appalled to witness this so I challenged her.

She was clearing the mess, but said that I should be reporting the dog walkers who let their dogs run wild in the cemetery.

Her dogs were on a extendable lead. Have these people no respect?

Dog walkers should not be allowed in any cemetery. It is not a park, it is a sacred place, which should be treated with respect at all times.

She was not the only dog walker in the cemetery, there were a few.

One was walking his dog without a lead.

I have not got an issue with dogs, but I have an issue with irresponsible dog owners who think it is acceptable to exercise and allow their dogs to defecate on someone’s grave, regardless of whether they clear the mess.

Mrs J Andrews

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