Chance to design outfit suitable for a skinny pig

Competition offers chance to design an outfit for Whitehouse Farm's 'skinny pig' Rio.
Competition offers chance to design an outfit for Whitehouse Farm's 'skinny pig' Rio.

A competition has been launched for wannabe fashion designers to design and ‘sow’ an unusual garment.

The competition offers the unique chance to design a onesie for Rio the Whitehouse Farm skinny pig – a guinea pig without any fur.

Whitehouse Farm in Morpeth has teamed up with the Ashington-based All-in-one-company to launch their biggest competition to date and are throwing down the gauntlet to everyone and anyone up for the challenge to come up with the best design possible to keep the skinny pig warm this winter.

The All-in-one-company is going to turn the winner’s design into a onesie for the skinny pig and the winner will get the opportunity to go along to Whitehouse Farm to see it being modelled.

The winner will also be rewarded with a onesie of their own, which they will be able to design using their unique website which allows customers to design their own onesie.

Rachel Jane Lister, from the All-in-one-company, said: “We love collaborating with local businesses, especially the fantastic Whitehouse Farm.

“We recently had a photo shoot at the farm and had to keep a real eye on who was a real animal and who was dressed up.”

Karen Lovatt, from Whitehouse Farm, added: “It’s great that the All-in-one-company are going to make a skinny pig sized onesie – we’re sure it will make the other animals jealous.

“We just hope the meerkats don’t see it – as they are already jealous of their well dressed relations on TV.”

Competition entry forms can be downloaded from and clicking on the Kids Zone where you will also find a full list of terms and conditions.

For more details about the All-in-one-company, visit