Charity call for knitters

I am writing to ask readers who like to knit to support SPANA’s ‘Big Knit for Vet Kit’ fundraising campaign this February and March.

SPANA is a charity that provides free veterinary treatment to sick and injured working animals in developing countries across the world.

We are calling on local knitters to make Duncan the donkey, Hattie the horse, Oscar the ox or Clarence the camel and get sponsored while they stitch.

The free knitting patterns can be ordered from or by calling 020 7831 3999.

Working animals do the jobs of tractors, trucks and taxis throughout the developing world and are relied upon by many of the world’s poorest people for their livelihoods, and sometimes their survival.

However, without SPANA, there would be no veterinary treatment available for so many of these animals.

SPANA’s work is only possible thanks to the generous donations we receive from the public and we hope your readers will support this campaign.

Jeremy Hulme

Chief Executive