Charity in changes to its services

A charity responsible for supporting more than 800 older people in Northumberland has begun a restructure for its home care and day services teams.

Age UK Northumberland has announced the change in its operational structure that will be rolled out between now and September.

Care co-ordinators who currently run support teams from a base in Ashington, will now work under area team leaders to deliver care to local communities.

Gene Goodchild, head of support services at Age UK Northumberland, said: “This change of approach, not only benefits our customers but also opens up a planned career path for all staff within the organisation and makes sure their working conditions are better, safer, with less travel and more time to care.

“They have more support locally, and can work closer as a team.

“Most importantly it makes sure that people on their doorstep, who understand their needs, are looking after our customers.

“It’s a win, win situation and I am delighted with the positive response we have received to these changes.”

The area of Rothbury is the first to benefit from the new approach where a pilot scheme has already got under way.

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