Charity is buzzing due to funding

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A county wildlife charity has received a grant to help its Beequest Project aimed at protecting pollinating insects.

Bees are very effective pollinators of a wide range of wild flowers and crops and therefore have considerable ecological and economic importance.

To datethe Northumberland Wildlife Trust
has received £11,000 from the
Co-operative Membership campaign which has enabled it to undertake vital bee conservation work in this area including the installation bee hives on a number of its reserves and the training of volunteers to look after them.

The additional £2,500 received today will allow the Trust to build upon its recent success and further improve conditions for bees on five of its reserves around the region in East Cramlington Pond, Holywell Pond in East Northumberland, St Nicholas Park in Gosforth, Newcastle, South Close Field at Riding Mill and Annstead Dunes in North Northumberland.

The grant will also allow the Trust to engage school children with a range of exciting bee related activities based on the national curriculum.

Proposed improvements on the sites include grass cutting, scrub thinning and wildflower planting.