Charity will deliver pilot programme

A children’s charity has won a contract to deliver its domestic violence perpetrator programme in Northumberland.

Barnardo’s will be running a pilot project with a group of men at its Blyth service at The Point in Bowes Street.

And the initiative is set to get under way in the middle of thiss month.

Allan Brown, domestic abuse and sexual violence policy officer for the public protection service at Northumberland County Council, said: “We were looking for a programme which was accredited and evaluated, when the partners in Safer Northumberland identified a gap in services for perpetrators of domestic abuse.

“We identified the work Barnardo’s has been doing in Newcastle, which has been accredited by RESPECT – the national organisation dealing with domestic violence work and support services for children and partners.”

The perpetrator programme will run 24 weeks and involves the men looking at and discussing issues such as how their behaviour impacts on others, what their triggers are, where it all comes from, their values and beliefs, and the effects of violence on children.

Emma Ramsay, from Barnardo’s, said: “We have found, over the years we have been doing this work hat there are a good number of men wanting to change their behaviour, which is encouraging.”