Childrens’ blog site is a web success

Young bloggers have achieved their first cyberspace target of 1,000 visitors to their site.

Pupils at Northburn Primary School in Cramlington started their own blog in March, and have already reached their first target.

Teacher Rebecca Palmer said: “We started off by sharing some information about our Penpals in Poland who we communicate with regularly, then started to work together as a class to share information about the work that we were doing in school.”

The school signed up for a project called Quadblogging where four schools work together to share information, work and ideas.

“We developed a particularly good relationship with a school in New Zealand where we learned about each others schools, likes dislikes and shared worked,” said Rebecca.

“We then started to take part in another project called 5 Sentence Challenge where every two weeks a new prompt is released for the children to write about. “

The school set a goal of 1,000 visitors to the site which they hit this week – with visitors from 13 countries.

Visit the blog at