Clean prize was not for this town

A RECENT item reported the award of a ‘Gold Prize’ to Northumberland County Council as part of a Clean Britain Award scheme.

The report quoted Coun Alan Thompson, executive member for highways and neighbourhood services, praising the agencies who helped keep our county so clean and green.

The award was made after ‘anonymous inspections looking at litter, chewing gum, smoking related litter, fly-tipping and graffiti’, so it was obvious the inspectors never reached Blyth.

Had they done so, at any time of the day, on any day of the week, they would have awarded us the golden award but for the ‘litter capital’ of the north east (nay the country).

From time to time my wife and I have entertained visitors and family from various parts of the UK and overseas, and we have been shamed by the state of the town centre.

No matter when you pass through the town it is awash with debris.

Back lanes are used for fly-tipping and litter bins are generally overflowing.

Broadway shopping area is generally a mess, as are side streets beyond the town centre.

Many shops have grass growing round their fronts; and the area at the back of Morrisons is disgusting.

There are other streets and areas I might name, but would suggest those accepting this award take a trip to Blyth (anonymous if you like) and have a good luck around and perhaps realise that whilst certain areas, like Newbiggin and Hexham, may have justified the ‘top gong’, a great deal needs to be done to Blyth before it even deserves a mention.

Councillors have the powers to clean up a town. Make a start on Blyth, please, now.