Cleaning machine helps Ashington get its pride back

Tuesday morning, the sun’s shining and the sound of a street cleansing machine in the back lanes.

What a day. I’ve spent time this morning watching the new machine driven by a member of the new ‘Ashington Team’ which has been contracted by the town council as a direct response from the residents of Ashington to ensure the quality of cleansing, grass cutting etc in our town.

Due to a recent residents’ survey, the very first of its kind, we now have these new measures.

New machines out there clearing detritus, litter and the usual dog droppings from our streets.

Dedicated staff proudly working for the town ‘bringing back the pride’.

This has been a team effort between the public (thanks to the survey) and the town council in conjunction with Northumberland County Council.

It is a joint effort by all concerned that has brought this about.

Pauline Thompson

Hirst Ward