Closure was done in haste

Last year Guide Post Middle School had a poor inspection, even though it had met and exceed all targets set in the previous inspection.

Within months it was closed. This was done in undue haste.

Several schools in Northumberland have been put into special measures but have been given time to improve and work their way out of it.

A good example was Mowbray First school. That was in special measures and improved to be deemed excellent.

For some reason Guide Post was not given an opportunity to redeem themselves and closed very quickly. Perhaps for political reasons?

This area became part of a reorganisation to primary/secondary education.

Mowbray First School, Stakeford First School and Ringway First School becoming primary schools with Year 7 and 8 pupils being transferred to Bedlingtonshire High School from September 2014.

Many of the promises made to the ‘primary schools’ during consultations have still to be implemented, over six months on.

In January 2015 Bedlingtonshire High School was inspected and found to be ‘inadequate’, the lowest of Ofsted categories.

So I think Northumberland County Council’s education department has some serious questions to answer.

What is its thinking, closing a middle school that had performed well for 30 years and sending pupils from Guide Post middle, because it was deemed to be failing, into another school which has now been deemed inadequate?

What chance have our children got with educational officers and politicians interfering with their education.

Will those responsible be held to account? No chance.

Robert B Thompson