Clowning around to help raise money

A splash of colour was brought to a fundraising initiative helping a popular community facility.

Babies and toddlers took part in a Clown and Tutu day to raise money for the Neptune Headquarters based in South Beach Estate in Blyth.

Boys dressed as clowns while the girls dressed up in tutus and took part in a range of sponsored activities including walking a tight rope, throwing and catching a ball, climbing through a hoop and balancing a beanbag on their heads.

Their parents also joined in the fun by skipping with a huge skipping rope, doing a Twister challenge, space hopping and even riding a unicycle.

All proceeds are going to help with the upkeep of the recently renovated building.

Tiddlywinks leader Shirley Henderson said: “The event was to show our appreciation to all the board at the Neptune Headquarters, which is ran entirely by volunteers.

“I am delighted with the outcome of the event and am sure there will be more to follow. Tiddlywinks wouldn’t be what it is if not for the huge support I get from parents and children.

“Every week both the children and their carers go on an imaginary storytelling adventure using body movement, props and costumes to enhance their visual and role play experience.”

For more on tiddlywinks telephone Shirley on 07817 773867.