Coalition a big mistake

GOD bless Pope Francis. Now we have a new Pope we should be thinking about getting a new prime minister.

David Cameron is well past his sell-by date. He has lost control of his cabinet, Theresa May’s supporters are plotting furiously in the Commons tearooms, and the dodgy coalition with the Lib Dems is disintegrating fast.

The other day I put Cameron on the spot at PM’s Question Time.

I told him: “A recent report by the TUC suggested that wages in this country have been depressed by three per cent since you came to power.

“Given that fact and the cuts to welfare, why is it that bankers, spivs, and speculators can get away with stuffing their pockets with £50 notes under the guise of bonuses?

“When will the prime minister get a grip of the fat cats? If he is not going to get a grip, he should let Ed Miliband into his seat and he will get a grip.”

And his response was more waffle, blaming the previous Labour government for the economic blunders made on his watch.

This is not to mention the Tory-led coalition’s despicable raid on maternity grants, the bedroom tax which penalises the hard-working poor and the backdoor privatisation of the NHS.

Mind you, I hear some worrying whispers that some of my Labour comrades favour a loose coalition with the Lib Dems if the next election results in a hung Parliament.

That would be a big mistake, in my opinion. They will never be forgiven for reneging on election promises covering student fees, VAT rises, welfare and many, many more.

We should have no truck with them. The electorate deserve a clear choice, not another cynical fudge.