Coastal town has lowest house cost

For anyone looking to buy a house by the coast, a Northumberland town could be the best – and cheapest – option.

A building society survey has named Newbiggin as the cheapest for house prices of any coastal town in the country, with an average price of £83,760.

The most expensive coastal town is Salcombe in Devon, where the average price is £615,344 – seven times that of Newbiggin.

Town councillor Alan Thompson said: “If ever there was a time to invest in a home on the coast it is now in Newbiggin-by-the-Sea.

“The environment is almost fully restored to when Newbiggin was the most popular small seaside resort in the north east.

“We have a unique and magnificent bay with a superb beach that is accessed from the best promenade anywhere down the coast.

“We also have a uniquely beautiful and challenging 18-hole golf course, a modern well equipped sports and fitness centre, a sailing centre, a very successful boxing club, a community-run maritime centre, indoor and outdoor bowls clubs and we can accommodate just about every land-based and water-based activity.

“Newbiggin has moved on apace over the last decade but for over 80 years we have failed to build high quality homes and that problem is at last being addressed.

“Newbiggin is now the place to invest.”

Of the 196 towns included in the survey, Newbiggin has the cheapest average house price, followed by Port Bannatyne in Bute and Girvan in South Ayrshire both at around £85,000.