Colander Girls get into picture spirit

THE photograph shows members of Tynedale Blyth Women’s Institute.

It was taken for a WI Federation photographic competition at the Blyth Battery, who were very helpful allowing us to wear the tunics etc.

Although we did not win a place for our picture, we all had a good time, as you can see.

Our group meets on the third Tuesday of each month at 7.15pm in St Benedict’s Church Hall.

New members would be welcome.

This poem was written by one of our members.

Tynedale Blyth WI in Action

We were called into action, because they needed stern stuff,

Tough minded helpers, but never too rough,

We armed ourselves ready, with things made of steel,

And met at the Battery to record the appeal,

We put on the metal and flashed it about,

The foe would surrender we were sure, without doubt,

With giggles of laughter and falling about,

The trust was successful, we only needed to shout!

Send for us, if you need to, we’ll be quick to reply,

Dependable Always.

Colander Girls WI.