Comedians want to hear funny stories

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Anyone with a funny tale to tell or an entertaining experience is being invited to share them with Woodhorn Museum’s comedian-in-residence.

A ‘meet the comedian’ session is taking place at the Ashington facility next week as part of a unique project funded by the Happy Museums Project.

Woodhorn has appointed stand-up comedian Seymour Mace and fellow funny-men John Whale and Andy Fury to meet visitors and draw out the humour to create a unique performance for the 150th Miners’ Picnic in June.

Seymour Mace said: “From talking to my Dad and other miners, I know that humour played a really important part of their working life in the face of a gruelling and demanding industry.

“The banter and practical jokes played on each other formed bonds which helped them deal with the challenges and adversity of their profession.”

Woodhorn director Keith Merrin added: “We are convinced that comedy can play a meaningful role in connecting people to each other, their heritage, art and environment.

“It should be part of the toolbox museums use to break down barriers and offer new ways to help people access collections.

“We hope our comedian-in-residence project will demonstrate this and I’m sure there will be a lot of laughs along the way, too.”

Meet the three comedians and share funny stories between noon and 3pm on Wednesday, February 19.

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