Communication taken seriously

YOUR correspondent continues to attack Cramlington Town Council both in the website of the Cramlington SOS movement and in her letter (News Post Leader, July 19).

Ms Heard says that the council “refused her request”. This is simply not true.

I chaired the meeting and I stated that the application would have to be referred for legal comment because as she states “it could compromise it [the council] on future planning issues”.

The request will be considered at the September meeting when we have a clear and unambiguous view of the legal position.

The community fund of the council is used for a wide variety of purposes.

Recently we have supported a promising young swimmer who is bidding for national honours, many groups which help the handicapped, several groups that help young people to reach their potential and the development of sporting facilities for all the people of Cramlington at Cramlington Learning Village.

Recently we were asked by a local church to give money in support of people who need food parcels.

This caused some discussion and we undertook research to find out whether this problem deserved our financial support.

Eventually we did secure some evidence and we gave the money.

Every application is thoroughly discussed and acted upon.

Following the recent awards we have received many thanks from the recipients of our funds.

If Cramlington Town Council did not exist then none of these awards could have been made.

She also mentions that Newcastle City Council “funded the Friends of Chadderton Field when they also opposed developers”.

We did ask Ms Heard to supply information with regard to this matter but our request was dismissed.

We will take advantage of using notice boards in Manor Walks but first the free moving notice boards will need to be purchased. Notice boards on the walls already exist at Manor Walks.

The town council is putting up a notice board outside the council office and notice boards will be springing up in many Cramlington areas.

We take communication seriously and the first meeting of the executive dealt just with communication.

But we will not be bullied into giving money.



Executive Committee

Cramlington Town Council