Community group gets new laptops

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Two laptops have been donated to a local community association to help residents improve their IT skills.

The laptops have been presented to the Seaton Sluice Commumity Association to help provide support to people who want to learn to use computers.

Sarah Dodds, from Northumbria Police’s Charities Fund, said: “Computers and technology play such a huge part in society these days, everyone should have the opportunity to benefit from them.

“By providing these laptops, we are supporting our local communities and opening up new avenues for them.

“Northumbria Police has a lot of online resources and everyone should have the option of accessing this useful information and be able to engage with local police online.”

Volunteer and committee member Liz Vuyk said “Seaton Sluice Community Association is delighted to receive two laptops for local residents to use in the centre to help them use computers.

“One to one support will soon be available for anyone who wants to have gentle, patient support to learn the basics of how to get over their fears of using computers and the internet, which can be so useful for many things nowadays.”