Community is ‘isolated due to lack of buses’

A petition has been handed to council officials by exasperated residents who feel cut off.

Residents living in Cambois say they are unable to use public transport to get to and from work or attend appointments due to the poor scheduling of buses from the village.

Northumberland County Council runs a subsidised service to and from Cambois, but residents say the four buses – the first one at 9.30am and the last one at 2pm – are insufficient.

Linden Sillence handed in a petition signed by more than 60 people calling for a better service to the nearby towns of Blyth and Ashington.

She said: “Everybody is fed up. We don’t even have a shop here.

“If you miss the last bus back from Blyth at 2.10pm, or if you work or if you have an early or late doctor’s appointment, you have to pay £6 to get a taxi back.

“There is an awful lot of anger.”

An extra bus has been introduced on Wednesdays, but Mrs Sillence says it starts later and finishes at 12.20pm, which means it is pointless.

Mrs Sillence says the community is isolated even more on Sundays or bank holidays with no buses running at all.

She added: “I used to work as a home help in Whitley Bay, but after giving up my car, I had to give up my job as I couldn’t get into Whitley Bay for before 11am.”

A council spokesperson said: “We would be pleased to speak to Mrs Sillence and to explain that it is possible to apply for possible alternative funding for additional services, if she believes there would be enough passengers to make this worthwhile.”