Company creates new office space

Caroline Moody.
Caroline Moody.

A haulage and storage firm has created three new incubator units to provide office and warehousing space to support small businesses.

Moody Logistics has developed the incubator units at its Cramlington headquarters on Bolam Business Park, with one occupant – The Defining Way – moving in after transfering services from the south east of England.

The two remaining office spaces offer up to two work stations and are ideal for businesses that also require storage and transport.

Business development director Caroline Moody said: “There are a lot of places that offer offices or “lock up” storage space, but few that offer an office with proper warehousing and there is a real need for such dual purpose space.”

“The incubator units are not only great for people looking to get started and have stock which needs to be distributed, but also for existing businesses that are looking to expand but don’t want to commit to much larger overheads with high rents and rates as these units will put them at the heart of our existing logistical hub.

“We had the space available and saw a real opportunity to diversify in a way that not only utilises our existing resources, but complements our services and creates opportunities for other businesses.”