Competition is idiot idea

You know I just don’t get it. The country is in a plight, jobs are being cut in both the public and private sector roads are not being repaired, the NHS is in crisis (depending on who you listen to), Northumberland County Council is having its funding cut, and yet, believe it or not, our representatives in government are organising a competition to find the ‘top small shop in the country’.

Does no one understand the management of finances? That is, make every penny count.

How on earth is a ‘top small shop’ (even the title is laughable) competition going to benefit the community? This is ridiculous.

The statement by one of our MPs, ‘This is a great opportunity for small shops to get recognition for the brilliant work they do supporting the community and creating jobs all year round’, angers me.

What about the brickies, the plumbers, the ‘sparkies’, the bus drivers, the ... anyway, you get the picture.

Just how much is this idiotic idea costing? Who is paying for it? MPs out of their own expenses?

Finally, the statement in the article (News Post Leader, January 15), ‘It can be a struggle for some small businesses.’ It is a struggle for everyone at present, not just small shopkeepers.

So, how about a competition for the struggling housewife who best manages her pittance every week? Or a competition for the young couple who can get their kids off to school/nursery the quickest before they dash off to work, and then dash home to collect the same kids from their grandparents, then dash off home to make their meals? Well it just goes on and on, doesn’t it.

I despair.

Revell Cornell Sr