CONCERN: Keep path for walkers

It was a lovely day walking my dog through the dunes from Seaton Sluice to Blyth on the Eve Black walkway, having a chat with others, only to be spoiled by a cyclist with no care whatsoever who drove into my dog, causing him to yelp in pain.

No bell, no sound, no excuse me or anything was heard by anyone.

Going at such speed as to cause injury is beyond me.

My dog was fine, but all I got was a load of abuse saying my dog should have been on a lead.

Since when did cyclists have right of way over pedestrians?

There are notice boards along the walkway telling cyclist to slow down and to give notice that they are there, a bell or horn.

I have concerns that someone is going to suffer serious harm from a few people who think they own the walkway just because they ride a bike.

Northumberland County Council should put up larger signs and possibly paint markings on the path, or best of all remove cyclists altogether, and give it back to pedestrians.

There is a nice long pavement that runs all the way up next to the road. I’m more than sure others would agree it’s a better option for cyclists to use that.

Mark Stevens