Concerned with cyclists’ safety

WELL, what a response to my letter on cyclists not using cycle tracks (News Post Leader, July 5).

I have no problem in cyclists using roads, even in side by side configuration, my argument is about not using the tracks available and cyclists being considerate about motorists and not being selfish.

The ‘real and only reason ... because they can’ (News Post Leader, letters, July 12), this type of comment only fuels the rage some motorists have – not me by the way.

I am purely concerned with their safety having seen some cyclists killed in front of me. I mean to point out that perfectly good safe tracks are available for the purpose.

If these tracks are not up to standard then the council need to be informed and the problems rectified, they won’t fix themselves, and if anyone is aware of problems they should report them, the council is only as good as the community response and reaction.

The stuff lying on tracks is also on the roads, and in fact drain gulleys and covers are sometimes deep and often missing, not to mention the pot holes. I would rather ride through horse muck than dodge the obstacles on a road.

The ‘cyclists have the right to use the roads’ (News Post Leader, letters, July 12) points to crossing the road at right angles on a 50mph national speed limit road which is of course right, but it fails to mention if you are riding on a road with a speed limit of 50mph, cars are rapidly approaching along the same road behind at 50mph. This would not be the case on a track.

Another reason some want to use a road is because they are under the impression they are in the Tour de France and do not want the inconvenience of having to stop and seem blinkered to the dangers around them.

I am a careful and considerate driver to all road users having been driving for 30 years without one accident.