Concerns at phishing call

I’ve recently been receiving regular phone calls regarding my computer.

The caller states, “This is the technical support at Microsoft”, then either “We have detected that your computer is currently running very slowly lately, we can fix that for you right now”, or, “We have detected some malware, or similar, on you computer”, or the third one is, “We have detected that your computer is continually giving an error message”.

They never state what malware, virus etc it is, nor do they say what the error message is.

They claim that it is remote monitoring and that any message or report is sent directly to them and not displayed to me.

Sometimes they ask for my late father. He has been dead for almost three years now.

This number is not listed in the phone book or anywhere else, and it has not been for some 15 years.

They refuse to listen to the word ‘no’ and ignore numerous hang-ups.

My concerns are that these are phishing calls. They are not providing a service just charging a fee, and the elderly and those who are slightly slow in cognitive reasoning may fall pray to this scam.

These calls are from numbers usually beginning 001954 followed by 7188002 or similar.

Of course BT are their usual unhelpful selves, only trying to sell additional service like choose to refuse, caller display and the like.

BT will do noting to help stop these calls.

And of course there is no way to email Northumberland County Council to alert them, they’ve conveniently taken the ‘contact us’ email addresses off the new style and useless website in what it calls progress.

Name and address supplied