Concerns over plans for parking permits

Station Road, Cramlington.
Station Road, Cramlington.

Residents have raised concerns about the possible implementation of parking permits to a busy road in Cramlington.

Northumberland County Council is looking at plans to prevent parking in front of Osborne Terrace, and allow parking on a permit only basis, as well as no waiting restrictions in and around Station Road.

Under the scheme, residents will be able to purchase two permits at a cost of £15 each per year.

Station Road resident Alan Potts said: “It appears our county councillors are hell bent on introducing major parking restrictions.

“While some residents see the proposals as a solution to access problems, many are opposed to the scheme and almost all resent having to pay for parking permits to allow parking outside our homes.

“I firmly believe these proposals constitute an infringement of our human rights.

“This situation is in my opinion totally unacceptable.

“Removal of parked vehicles will only serve to increase traffic speeds creating greater dangers.

“While I accept that indiscriminate parking by town centre employees causes problems for some residents, this scheme creates yet more inconvenience.”

A Northumberland County Council spokesman said: “In response to requests from residents, and with the support of the local county councillor, we agreed to investigate parking issues in Station Road.

“A consultation was sent to affected residents in January 2013 with a proposal to introduce resident permit parking and no waiting restrictions where appropriate.

“The response was supportive, but looking at the comments it was felt necessary to carry out a second consultation in July 2013 to address some additional safety concerns. The response was again supportive overall.

“A further period of statutory consultation has now been carried out. The residents affected have offered further suggestions that will be taken into consideration.”