Concerns over reforms to NHS

I AM passionate about the NHS and so afraid the reforms will obliterate it.

Of course it is far from perfect and reforms are necessary, but not those that will lead to its destruction.

It seems that we, the general public are, for the most part, sitting passively by, either not understanding the ramifications of the proposed (and hurried) reforms – or presuming that someone else will take action.

I have been e-mailed the following:

As you must be aware, the very existence of our NHS is under threat, yet there does not appear to be a groundswell of resistance from the general public, that being us.

We take the NHS for granted as it is there when we need it – but what if it wasn’t there? Admittedly it does have a few warts, in fact several that are in need of treatment – but is an effective treatment to destroy the host?

Unless we unite we will lose our NHS, it is morphing into some strange unfriendly beast that offers no asylum to those with complex and expensive conditions.

Please help save our NHS and e-mail Andrew Lansley at and let him know your opinion.

The only way to be heard is to speak out.

I think we all do need to unite and would entreat readers to copy the above statement to all friends and colleagues. Please help save our NHS.