Confusion from bus timetable

I HAD occasion recently to want to go by the number 35 bus route from Newbiggin to Morpeth.

Enquiring at Arriva transport information office, they had assured me the last bus back from Morpeth was at 9.59pm.

At Dixon’s corner I waited, 6.30pm, the bus rolls up, written as a notice on the front was the information ‘Only to Ashington’. I was left standing for one hour until the next number 35 arrived.

By now, thoroughly apprehensive, I asked the bus driver what was the last 35 bus back from Morpeth.

Oh, he replied, one minute past 11pm, but that goes as far as Ashington.

Fed up by now with all this conflicting information, I gave up and walked back home where I telephoned my colleagues saying that I couldn’t be at that particular meeting.

There were ten other passengers waiting with me at Dixon’s corner.