CONGESTION: Road is a nightmare

So Susan Davey has secured a £600,000 grant to ease the congestion in Cowpen Road, Blyth.

Saturday, 9th July 2016, 6:00 am
Traffic on Cowpen Road, Blyth.

If it’s anything like the new roundabout on the Lavernock Hall Road we, as drivers, are in big trouble.

I’m a home carer and drive along Cowpen Road at least six times a day, and it’s a nightmare.

It can take me just as long to get from my area at the Isabella, through Cowpen and onto the Spine Road as it does for me to get from the Spine Road to the top end of Morpeth for my clients. It’s the same going Newsham way.

How about some slip roads straight into Asda car park from the Spine Road?

Or a road along the railway line straight to Newsham?

There’s only two fields that separate Newsham and Cowpen along the back of the Bella Heap now anyway.

Blyth has three roads into it and they are all terrible.

I just hope some good comes of this instead of more headaches.

Dee Nicholl

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