CONGESTION: Take a town-wide view

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It is good to hear that Northumberland County Council is looking at options to ease traffic congestion going into and coming out of Blyth.

With my partner living in Blyth, I have been stuck in traffic a lot over the years.

The issue of potential options of easing the congestion is something that I have discussed with a number of people as the problems have built up over the years.

The problem is that when infrastructure planning hasn’t kept pace with the growth in housing numbers it’s not a straight forward thing to resolve.

The problems caused by the work in Cowpen Road in recent years illustrate how important it is to plan investment wisely, whether it involves £600,000 or £6,000,000.

In Blyth terms it means you will probably need to borrow a helicopter to fly around the town at peak times to see where the bottlenecks are and to look for available land to alleviate the problem.

As there is more than one bottleneck in the area’s approaches, you will need a town-wide perspective to avoid just moving one problem to a slightly different area of Blyth.

Robert Pollard