Congestion to be worse

I find it incredible that the town of Blyth appears to be growing at an alarming rate yet there still appears to be no concrete plan to address the town’s infrastructure.

A major new development from Miller Homes is under way – Portland Wynd – off Laverock Hall Road.

Following the growth of houses and apartments which have sprung up at South Shore, the south of Blyth is set to become even more difficult to traverse for those who have no choice but to travel out of town to get to and from work.

I am fortunate enough not to live in the South Beach estate, but I do have every sympathy for those stuck in long queues at the traffic lights in the morning and early evening rush hour.

The roads around this area are already far too busy for the number of feeder roads accessing the main route in and out of the town on the south side. With these new developments the problem is only to going to get worse.

And what has happened to the traffic study into the abomination that is Cowpen Road? Last year we were told the county council had a number of options it was looking at to alleviate the problem of congestion on the main road into the town from the north. A solution appears to have been forgotten about.

I fully understand we need new housing to accommodate the ever growing population, and I do not blame developers for taking up land when it is made available for housing, but something must be done to improve traffic flow in and out of the town from both the north and south.

If not, the problems are only going to get worse and more developments are built.

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