CONTRADICTION: Is it a tale of two towns?

There were two very conflicting articles published on the same day in the local press.

One reports a county councillor saying we can’t pretend there is a money tree at the bottom of the high street and that they as a councillor are as passionate as others about their town (News Post Leader, August 27).

In another report regarding a neighbouring town, the public are being invited to view £74m investment plans of Northumberland County Council.

It would appear that there is a money tree at the bottom of some high street, albeit not Bedlington, or perhaps could it be some councillors are more passionate than others?

The councillor’s letter also states there has been “too much unnecessary action so far which has not helped our community”.

I can only assume this refers to the ‘Make a Noise for Bedlington’ campaign, a group that would not exist had the councillors done what they were elected for, representing the people of Bedlington.

John Fox