Cool heads must keep world calm

Ian Lavery, MP for Wansbeck
Ian Lavery, MP for Wansbeck

World leaders must end global threats.

Regular readers will know that I would rather write about local issues in my Wansbeck constituency, rather than national or global situations, so excuse me if I break that habit to comment on the alarming developments that could very well end up threatening world peace.

The situations in both North Korea and Syria have rapidly escalated to an alarming level of tension amid the increasingly volatile rhetoric emanating from the leaders of the two countries and the world’s super powers.

Only this week we have heard reports coming out of North Korea suggesting that its leader Kim Jong-un is prepared to launch nuclear retaliation attacks on the USA if it carries out pre-emptive military action of its own on his country.

How far that is a real threat we do not know, but the North Koreans have already shown that they are more than willing to risk the wrath of the world by continuing with their programme of nuclear missile test firings.

In Syria President Trump has also demonstrated that he will not back away from what he believes to be legitimate military action after ordering Tomahawk weapon strikes against an air base from which it is thought President Bashar al-Assad sent planes to drop chemical weapons that killed many of his own people, including children.

It does not need me to tell you that these are alarming developments, which could easily escalate to truly frightening levels.

What is needed are cool heads to bring the world back from the brink, and we must look to Presidents Trump, Putin and Xi Jinping of China to exercise the sort of diplomacy that can bring pressure to bear on the leaders of North Korea and Syria to change what could be catastrophic courses they appear to be willing to head down.

They must work together in an unprecedented way to end the uncertainty in these two flashpoints.