Council blaming wet weather for graves collapsing

North Seaton Cemetery.
North Seaton Cemetery.

New graves at a cemetery in south east Northumberland have been found to be sinking.

Visitors have complained that a number of graves at North Seaton Cemetery have collapsed.

I was appalled to see that three or four graves have collapsed into each other

Cemetery visitor

One visitor said: “I was appalled to see that three or four graves have collapsed into each other.

“These are fresh graves all beside each other and the flowers and wreaths have all fallen into the graves.

“It is such a shame and I would think the families would be heartbroken to see this.”

A Northumberland County Council spokesman said: “Once we heard about the reported collapsed graves at North Seaton Cemetery one of our maintenance team was dispatched to assess the situation.

“We can confirm that two newly dug graves naturally sunk approximately 18 inches due to the recent wet weather.

“It also appeared that somebody had moved the floral tributes to the nearby railings area.

“The sunken process is normal in the case of new graves. The cemeteries team has tidied and topped up the plots with fresh top soil to resolve the issue, and have returned the flowers to the appropriate locations.”

n Meanwhile, visitors to Blyth Cemetery on Sunday discovered a sofa had been dumped in the grounds.

Michael Wilson said: “On visiting Blyth Cemetery on Mother’s Day I was disgusted to see someone had tipped a sofa over the cemetery wall.Talk about disrespect.”

A council spokesman said: “Our environmental enforcement team are also investigating this criminal act in order to try and identify the persons responsible and hold them to account for their actions.”