COUNCIL: Give facts, not opinion

I was interested to see the letter from Peter Jackson, leader of Northumberland Conservatives.

Saturday, 17th September 2016, 6:00 am

It strikes me that he is not a very positive or happy sort.

In his letter he has a moan about a number of issues, but doesn’t back his arguments with any hard facts or figures.

As leader of the Conservatives in the council I would have thought that he would have access to information that he could have used to support his arguments.

Instead, he uses phrases such as “everybody knows that....”, then goes on to state an opinion that I, for one, do not agree with, hence not everybody does know, or agree.

He also states, regarding the purchase of Manor Walks, “I believe that this will do nothing for the local economy”.

Well that may be his negative opinion, but perhaps we should wait until the dust settles and we have facts, rather than opinion.

He also plucks figures out of the air, “County Hall could cost up to £80m”. When I get my hair cut it could cost up to £200, but actually costs less than £10.

His letter is full of many similar negative comments, and he then has the temerity to add that his government’s savage cuts to local councils are not to blame for cuts to services.

What he appears to not understand is due to the cuts imposed by this government councils have to make up the shortfall.

It appears to me that Northumberland County Council is looking at innovative ways to generate income which can then be spent on services.

I thought that he would approve of the enterprise the council is showing – speculate to accumulate and take advantage while interest rates are rock bottom.

This spirit even earned the praise of Jeremy Hunt in the work the council has done to help bring about the successful Cramlington hospital, which he cited as one of the best two in the country.

Perhaps in future Coun Jackson may use his position to find actual constructive information and begin to help Northumberland in these very difficult times, rather than simply lob a few insults at those who are working extremely hard to protect our county from the impact of government cuts.

Martin Wright

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