Council has to give answers

While I can see no reason to have a town council, while we do have one, last week’s letter regarding the state of Blyth makes me wonder why we are not all calling for open meetings to put our worries to them.

Granted no one knows when they are on, if they are advertised, can it not be written in the newspaper?

When you do know, as I did for the April meeting, do not – without any notification – bring them forward a day so not even all the council can attend.

As some of the council is made up of councillors who were in office at the destruction of our market place, I wonder if business people are asked for their ideas on any improvements?

Surely offering stall holders peppercorn rents would bring back market traders who left because the rents required are far too high for the footfall of the market as it stands now.

This may restore Blyth back to the market town it once was.

Lower shop rates should be thought about. Charging high rates is madness in a town struggling to survive.

Westgate House: Do they know what is happening to this building? Is it just to be left?

It could, with foresight, possibly be turned into a bowling alley, skating rink, indoor market for rainy days.

This would surely bring people into the town and give families leisure activies not available locally.

We have a great sports centre and this would give the kids something extra to do and somewhere to go.

Hedley Youngs building: Have the owners been contacted? Are they liable to be instructed to tidy up this eyesore?

Finally, could someone – anyone – from the town council reply to these queries?

I would ask direct at a meeting but as I have said it is difficult to know when they are held and how long the public are allowed to ask questions for.

K Brown