COUNCIL: Is meeting tour off?

I notice that Cramlington Town Council has advertised its next meeting at the community centre, within yards of the council offices.

When the council came into power, or shortly afterwards, it announced with great pride and ceremony that it would go out to take council meetings to the public, but it has had meeting after meeting at the nearest community centre to the council’s offices.

This is against the stated policy of the council, but it has never said that it had been reversed, it has never debated it.

Is it just possible that the council officials are taking the easy way out of walking a few yards to the meeting?

Initially there was controversy over the creation of council offices at the Surveyors House in Cramlington for many reasons, one of which was the difficulty or the impossibility of holding full council meetings in this building.

So the council came up with a marvellous idea, let’s put the meeting on tour throughout Cramlington.

Yes it happened for a few months, but has now apparently become history.

Barrie Crowther