Council should be enforcing litter rules

Northumberland is a great place to be and seeing so many people recently enjoying the beaches and parks in this area has been fantastic.

However, as a local resident and dog walker, I have been disheartened at the amount of litter left behind by these visitors.

Areas of beach not under the county council’s control have been strewn with bottles, broken glass, soiled nappies, food debris and general litter, abandoned clothes and footwear.

I talked to visitors who had moored overnight at Blyth marina who had sailed up from Ipswich and were heading to Orkney.

They said they had done this journey many times and really liked Blyth as they could instantly land and use the beach, taking their dog for a walk there.

They also said how friendly everyone was here and that Blyth is a unique location on their journey.

However, I wondered what they really thought about the state of the beach but were too embarrassed to mention?

Unfortunately, it is not only the beach.

There is one small litter bin opposite the entrance to the port and another at Londis shop in Wensleydale Road.

The amount of litter on both sides of the pavement is disgusting.

Add to that the cigarette ends and litter stuffed inside the railings of the Port of Blyth and it must make a wonderful impression on visitors and the growing number of cyclists, joggers and walkers who use this gateway into Blyth.

I support ideas to link the beach, Ridley Park and the town centre as a way to promote these areas and encourage visitors to come but there needs to be a Northumberland County Council public education campaign and also support from the port authorities – bins, notices and enforcement – to clean up the town.

Blyth has so much potential.

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