Council to enforce laws on parking

A new team of civil enforcement officers is set to take over responsibility for handing out parking tickets in south east Northumberland.

Northumberland County Council will be in charge of parking enforcement from Tuesday next week.

Its 26-strong team of new-style traffic wardens will be monitoring parking and handing out penalty charge notices to vehicles parked incorrectly in south east Northumberland and the rest of the county.

They are taking over responsibility for the role from the police.

There will be no change to the rules on parking, only to the means of enforcement.

From next week, enforcement officers, wearing red and black uniforms, will be patrolling the streets and explaining to motorists how the introduction of the new system will affect them.

They will also be giving out information leaflets explaining how to avoid being hit with fines for parking offences.

An awareness campaign is under way to keep drivers informed of the change.

Every household in the county should have received a notice explaining the change along with their council tax brochures, and posters and leaflets have been distributed.

A guide on how to avoid being fined by the new traffic wardens is available to download from the county council’s website and at libraries and information centres.

Isabel Hunter, pictured, the council’s executive member for infrastructure and environment, said: “We want road users to be aware of how to park and how not to get a parking ticket.

“I believe that having the civil enforcement officers out in the local communities over the next few weeks will be valuable in allowing residents to speak to them about any concerns they have or to clarify any points they are not clear on.”

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