COUNCIL: Town needs investment

As most people in Northumberland know, work on the new building for County Hall has begun in Ashington.

Saturday, 10th June 2017, 6:18 am

A new bus station been built, which also meant a new road to enter the new bus station. The piles have been put into the ground for the new office block.

Keeping the old building up to date is estimated to going to cost in the reign of £25m, with another cost of £8m per year to run.

I agree Morpeth should not have an out-of-town shopping centre, but if companies are wanting to build new homes and schools, which would save the council building or maintaining old schools, it just does not make sense.

If the council can afford to spend millions of pounds of our money like this, then maybe it can invest in building new social housing that the area needs.

Ashington needs to be brought up to date.

Maybe we could do with a new shopping centre, which would bring money and jobs to Ashington, which is what the area needs.

Paul Leonard