Council will help post-16 transport

Schools, colleges and bus companies are working with Northumberland County Council to ensure students can continue to access a wide range of post-16 educational opportunities.

The council has this week written to parents to inform them of a range of measures which aim to help students access post-16 education.

Officers are working with schools to target their bursary funds to students in financial hardship who do not qualify for financial support from the council.

In some circumstances where appropriate public transport will not be available, the authority will continue to provide school transport through existing contracts for £600 per year.

Discussions have taken place with Arriva, who have agreed to introduce a new range of student travel tickets which will offer students good value for money travel along with flexible payment options and the facility to travel at any time of the day during the academic year.

The travel passes will offer students travel within a particular zone or between zones, and the costs will range from £430 a year for a one-zone pass; £530 a year for a two-zone pass and £660 for a three-zones or more pass.

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