Councillors vote for no increase in the precept

EAST Bedlington Parish Council has opted against an increase in its precept for the next financial year.

Councillors have decided to retain the rate at the current figure for the third year in a row.

Chairman Coun Alex Wallace said: “Members of East Bedlington Parish Council have committed to delivering local services to local people and meeting local needs at a cost affordable to residents.

“Being aware of the economic pressure people face daily, members were reluctant to make any increases and were determined instead to forge new partnerships and attract alternative funding.”

During a recent meeting the council also chose to meet all the services being transferred from Northumberland County Council in April.

These include bus shelters litter bins and public seating areas.

The members will also continue to manage allotments and play areas, as well as increasing environmental improvements throughout the parish.

The council is benefiting from the assistance of the Muter family who provide council accommodation, the Banks Group, Sita and the two Labour county councillors, Val Tyler and Geoff Gobin, which means extra amenities and facilities have been provided with no additional costs.

Coun Wallace, pictured, added that community groups and local schools will continue to be supported through grants and the council intends to utilise the services of its professional staff to deliver community events and improve the heritage and culture of the area.

Work is also set to begin in the spring to build an outdoor gym at the old ironworks site as well as providing picnic tables and seats.

Funding is also being sought to replicate this work at Cambois foreshore.