Country has gone from being a workshop to a workhouse

It appears you may have an illustrious reader.

I refer to the piece where the Chancellor George Osbourne comments on the closure of the Alcan smelter (News Post Leader, October 3).

He must have read the letter from an unnamed reader a couple of weeks ago, or is it just one of those coincidences they mentioned?

The chancellor blames the EU rules for the closure, but who was it signed us (the country) up and agreed to these rules? The government.

He goes on to say “What good is it for Britain to have a set of policies that close a smelter in northern England and then that same company opens a smelter in China”.

In response to that I would comment, firstly I’m surprised he remembered there is an England north of Manchester, and secondly and more seriously, it has done no one any good to have these policies so why did we sign up for them in the first place?

And why, if China, who no doubt causes far more pollution than this country, ignores the rules, why should we ‘play the game’ and lose all our industries?

We have gone from the workshop of the world to the workhouse of the world in my lifetime.

Finally, Mr Osbourne says it has cost jobs in this country. When has a government been bothered about costing workers their jobs, especially, it seems, those in the ‘forgotten’ north east.

David Cowton