County council praised for its can do attitude

Northumberland County Council has been praised for its commitment to deliver to the people of the county and the pride staff take in their work.

They were some of the findings following a four day ‘peer challenge’ visit from a team of senior staff and councillors from other local authorities, organised by the Local Government Association (LGA).

A report being presented to councillors next week says the team were “impressed with the energy and enthusiasm to deliver for the people of Northumberland that they found with Members, staff and partners”.

The report said: “What shines out from the LGA’s feedback is the passion and pride in Northumberland that they found with members, staff and partners and an energy and enthusiasm to deliver for the people of Northumberland.

“In their words, they found not only a ‘can do’ culture but a ‘want to do’ culture.”

Council leader Grant Davey, said: “It’s reassuring to have this positive independent feedback on the direction our authority is travelling.

“These are challenging times for local councils but there are also numerous opportunities and we want to ensure we are in the best position to maximise these.”

“The ‘want to do’ culture and pride in the county is something I see every day when talking to the workforce and our partners and I’m glad this was also recognised by the team.

“Their findings have been very useful and we’re already addressing those areas which need more work.”

The report contains a number of recommendations to help the county council to continue to improve, including business planning processes, communication and more active links across the local government sector.

A 13-point action plan will be discussed by the council’s Policy Board on February 10.