County’s curry house is the top in the country

Mr Miah with MP Ronnie Campbell.
Mr Miah with MP Ronnie Campbell.

A restaurant in the county has won an award for being one of the best achievers in the country.

The Pan Ahar Restaurant on Elliott Street in Blyth, which is owned by Labas Miah, has been given the top recognition in the 2015 Curry Life Business Achievement Awards.

Awards were given to 16 top Asian entrepreneurs from businesses across the UK at a London ceremony.

Mr Miah said: “It was fantastic to be awarded in best achieving restaurant category.

“We were absolutely overjoyed to be named the best achiever in Restaurant Business alongside 16 businesses in the country.

“I’d like to thank all our loyal customers who is coming through our doors and to our team at Pan Ahar, because it’s been a real team effort.”

Syed Belal Ahmed, editor of Curry Life Magazine who run the awards, added: “The Business Achievement Awards provides the opportunity to recognise businesses in our community who demonstrate an excellent business approach and stand out in their field.

“Winning the award is not just about success in business, it is as much about the way that person has built their business into a success, and how they have translated their success to benefit society.”