County scouts at world jamboree

Northumberland Explorer Jamboree Unit at Alnwick Gardens before heading off for Sweden.
Northumberland Explorer Jamboree Unit at Alnwick Gardens before heading off for Sweden.

THIRTY-SIX scouts from across Northumberland are taking part in the World Scout Jamboree in Sweden.

The group have joined 4,000 others from across the UK and 34,000 from nearly every country in the world for two weeks of activities and making new friends.

The UK Scouts flew to Denmark on Monday for three days in which the capital, Copenhagen, will be taken over by the scouts getting to know each other, seeing the sights and taking part in activities, before they travel to the jamboree site in the south of Sweden.

The event only happens every four years and includes seven days of activities, with modules based around global development, quests, people and the environment.

One of the key elements of the programme will be using the natural environment as a learning tool, demonstrating both its vulnerability and what individuals can do to better protect the world we live in.

The Northumberland County Jamboree Unit, including members from south east Northumberland, have been getting together and planning their adventure since early 2010.

A substantial fundraising effort by the young people has lowered the costs of the journey.

From bag packs to band nights, the young people have been very entrepreneurial when it comes to boosting funds.

David Turner, 17 said “I can’t believe we are actually about to go! I have been counting down the days until we leave and finished packing two weeks ago.

“The people I am going with have become my closest friends and I can’t wait to make friend with Scouts from all over the world!”

Chief Scout, Bear Grylls said: “While lots of people know that Scouting is all about adventure, they often don’t realise that adult volunteers get to do just as much as our young members through their involvement.

“The World Scout Jamboree is a great example of this.

“Over the course of the Jamboree Scouts will be able to meet people from around the world, take part in amazing adventures and experiences and be challenged to think about global issues in a new light.

“That is why Scouting is one of the greatest youth movement on earth and why I am so proud to be part of it.”