County writer investigates Zeppelin raids

A Northumberland writer has released a new bookon the history of Zeppelins over the north east during the First World War.

Ian Hall’s Zeppelins Over The North East describes raids that were carried out during the Great War, from the Tweed to beyond the Tees.

“I picked the subject of Zeppelins partly because of my grandmother, Eva Jamieson, who lived in West Sleekburn during the war,” he said.

“When I was young she used to tell me about the Zeppelin that she had seen and it stayed in my imagination.”

The book tells the story of the airship using contemporary newspaper articles as well as other sources, including a history of 36 Squadron, which led the defences against the airships in the region.

“The first raid on the north east was on April 14, 1915,” Ian added.

“Towns from Blyth, Bedlington down to Wallsend were all attacked, though no one was killed at this time. The last raid was on March 13, 1918.”

Zeppelins over the North East is available now priced at £4.50 including post and packing, by visiting or by sending a cheque or postal order to Ian Hall, 15 Fairfields, Alnwick, NE66 1BT.