Cracking down on dangerous county drivers

Police in south east Northumberland are cracking down on speeding and dangerous drivers.

As part of the force’s road safety initiative Operation Dragoon, officers from the Ashington Neighbourhood Policing Team have been out in the community raising awareness in road safety.

The activity is in response to local residents raising concerns to officers about speeding in certain areas of the town.

Community Support Officers Ashley Gillespie and Helen Halliday have been leading the activity and have been carrying out speed check patrols in the Green Lane, Kenilworth Road, Chillingham Road and Bamburgh Terrace areas.

They have been passing on road safety advice to motorists, cyclists, pedestrians and local residents and speaking to them about their road safety concerns.

Ashington Neighbourhood Inspector Dave Harris said: “Local residents told us that they had real concerns about people speeding in some areas of Ashington where children live and play, and so we took action.

“Officers carried out high visibility patrols and speed checks in the areas that were highlighted as being of concern, to try and deter drivers and to identify anybody breaking the law.

“We know it’s the minority who speed however our message to all drivers in Ashington is to take care when on the roads.

“Always drive within the speed limits and show extra care when in areas where there are pedestrians or children playing.”

The activity forms part of Operation Dragoon which is the force’s road safety initiative aimed at identifying dangerous drivers and making the roads safer for everyone.