Cracking down on motorbike disorder

Police in Cramlington and Seaton Valley are cracking down on motorbike disorder.

As part of Operation Dragoon, officers are targeting people who ride off-road motorbikes illegally and who cause problems for local communities.

To tackle the issue, officers from the Cramlington neighbourhood policing team are stepping up patrols throughout summer in the areas where problems have been reported.

Cramlington Neighbourhood Sergeant Mick Aspey said: “Anti-social motorbike use is a key concern for us.

“We get quite a few complaints from residents, particularly around summer time, about people riding motorbikes dangerously and illegally in their communities.

“It can have a real impact on a person’s quality of life and cause them a lot of concern.

“Anyone caught riding anti-socially or illegally during the operation will be stopped and arrested.

“They face having their motorbikes seized from them and they could face being put in front of the courts.

“We are taking a hard line on this and we really want local residents to help and support us with the operation.”

To report incidents call 101.