Cramlington play park is filthy and full of litter

I take my children regularly to many parks but Seven Oaks in Cramlington has to be in one of the worst states I have seen yet.

The whole area is filthy, the boat full of litter and the equipment tired looking.

My 11-month-old picked up a used condom packet and my three-year-old thinks empty drinks bottles are for filling with soil.

The ground needs modernising with either a soft Tarmac or re-turfing.

I overheard visitors saying they won’t be coming back as they were treating their child to a play after trying the new eating outlets.

Another becoming a concern is the new park in Clifton Road. Lovely as it is, it is already giving the area a bad reputation.

Children are being sent to play unsupervised.

I witnessed a very young boy of around seven in charge of younger siblings of around two-years-old.

And he crossed the busy road to get there.

On our first visit there must have been 20 children and three sets of parents.

Older kids had to be moved on with their football as they were a danger to toddlers.

On other occasions parents and older children have been sitting on the equipment smoking and stopping younger kids playing.

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